Did you know Randolph is the only one of West Virginia’s 55 counties that supports a glass recycling program?  It’s increasingly difficult to locate processing facilities for many items in the current recycling market, and glass is one of these materials.  For this reason, recyclables must often be transported long distances.  Bradish Glass of Pennsylvania handles our locally collected glass, which means these items are transported out-of-state for processing.  There are two specialized roll-off dumpsters available at the Elkins site to receive collections of clear, green and brown glass.  This ensures one is always available for residents while the other is out being emptied.  Our county’s glass recycling program serves as a model for other West Virginia counties interested in implementing similar programs.  Randolph County Solid Waste Authority has been asked by the WV Solid Waste Management Board to guide and assist other Solid Waste Authorities around the state as they work to devise their own systems.  Randolph is a county with recycling programs we can be proud of!


This project is possible through cooperative efforts by the City of Elkins, RCSWA, and Elkins Recycling Committee.  Jessica Sutton, Elkins City Clerk, was instrumental in its facilitation.