Not only is Randolph the only county in West Virginia to offer glass recycling, our Solid Waste Authority is proud to announce a public partnership with TerraCycle, a global leader in recycling and waste management. What does this mean for Randolph County residents? There are now public drop sites facilitating the free recycling of a wide variety of irregular materials generally considered non-recyclable. Consumers can drop off their empty containers and packaging from dental care and hygiene/beauty products for free at one location. Randolph County Solid Waste Authority (RCSWA) will then package and ship the items to TerraCycle, an international giant operating out of 20 countries, specializing in difficult to solve waste streams, and innovating sustainability solutions for both consumers and manufacturers.

Having participated in TerraCycle campaigns individually since 2014, RCSWA Secretary, Angie Lipscomb, used her role within the organization as a platform to expand collection to all of Randolph County. Since RCSWA has no physical location and utilizes the Randolph County Courthouse to conduct business, the organization approached Good Energy Foods in Elkins to serve as a collection site for the project. They graciously agreed to host, and a new TerraCycle location is now open to the public.

There are currently two campaigns offered, one sponsored by Tom’s of Maine and another by Garnier. Lipstick and mascara tubes, eyeshadow cases, toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, dental floss containers, hair care and soap products, and many more items will be taken during business hours at prepared collection bins located in the back of Good Energy Foods. RCSWA is working to facilitate recycling solutions for as many waste streams as possible, and was invited to participate in a national pilot program for yet another first in materials previously considered impossible to recycle. The organization is being integrated into the project, and will release details to the public as they become available.

For those with impaired vision, used contact lenses and their empty blister packaging are accepted by Kevin Cox, MD in Elkins. More information about this TerraCycle campaign sponsored by Bausch & Lomb can be found on RCSWA’s website and Facebook page. Additional eye care providers in Elkins have agreed to participate. Their locations will be added to RCSWA’s website and Facebook page after they are integrated into the program.

RCSWA, TerraCycle and Good Energy Foods are taking action to make sure even the “oddities” don’t end up in incinerators and landfills. By participating in innovative movements like this one, Randolph County Solid Waste Authority is setting the bar high in environmental stewardship.

For full information on these programs, click here. Visit Randolph County Solid Waste Authority’s Facebook page. Anyone interested in information regarding the above programs may message the organization by using the “contact us” option on this website, or message via Facebook.