Randolph County Solid Waste Authority

Save the date! Find out when our E-Waste Electronics Recycling Event and Tire Recycling Event will be held this year.

Electronics Recycling

– Twice per Year (spring and fall)
– No Fee

Saturday, June 3rd
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Phil Gainer Center parking lot
142 Robert E. Lee Ave Extension
Elkins, WV

Items accepted for recycling:
Computers (desktops/laptops)
Audio Equipment (no wooden speaker)
CD or DVD Drives
Cell Phones
Circuit Boards
Disk Drives
DVD Players
Ferrous + Non-Ferrous Metals
IC’s (itegrated Circuits)
Ink Cartridges (not leaking)
LDC Monitors
Litho Film
Microwaves (please remove all food waste)
Network Equipment or Switches
Power Supplies
Printers/Fax/Copy Machines
RAM (or other computer components)
Rechargeable Batteries (not leaking)
Speakers (no wooden speakers)
Stereo Equipment (no wooden speakers)
Toner Cartridges (not leaking)
TV’s (limit 1 per vehicle)
UPS Battery Backup Systems
Video Cameras
Video Game Consoles
Wireless Devices

Items NOT Accepted for Recycling at Collection Event
(we can recycle some items at our facility or refer to other recyclers)

NO Wooden or all Ceramic Items

Mercury Containing Items (Thermostats, level switches, etc.)
Ballasts with PCB’s
Light Bulbs
Food Waste
Toxic Waste
Refrigerators (no food waste)/AC units

Tire Recycling Event

– Twice per Year (spring and fall)
– No Fee

Date to be determined

Roy’s Travel Trailers
3437 Beverly Pike
Elkins, WV 26241
(Old Oak Ridge Trucking Facility)
8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Prohibited Items
Tractor Tires
Tractor Trailer Tires

To the People Randolph County

By now those of you who are reading this know that that the Tygart valley Recycling Center (formerly the Randolph County Recycling Center), has closed. First of all, the Randolph County Solid Waste Authority appreciate your passion for recycling and how you express importance for a Recycling Center. to give you a little history on the Center. Mr. Sterling Daniels is the owner of the Recycling Center. The owner before him was Mr. Joe Gum. The Randolph County Solid Waste Authority as never owned the Center. In the past, We have assisted the recycling center in various ways but, have never owned it. It is, or was, a private business unto itself. Now the reason that it is closed. When I spoke with Mr. Daniels the reason for closing he stated that he is losing anywhere from $4 to $5 thousand dollars a month. We post it on our website so other will know where to go to take their recyclables. We are currently looking to meet with the Randolph County Commission and with the Elkins City Council to let them know of the situation and bounce some ideas as to what direction to go. Hopefully, bring another recycling Center into the County. Getting rid of recyclables it not as easy as some think. Recycling is not as easy as everyone thinks. You Spend the month collect and bailing the items. The You try to find a Recycling company, much larger then your own, that will take them. You tell them that you will sell it to them at this price. Those that want to buy it will either meet your requested price or, low ball you. Most of the time, they low ball you. Even in recycling, you’ve got to make a profit to stay alive. I thank you for you passion and concern for recycling. I hope we can solve the problem soon. If you have any ideas or folks that deal in Recycling, please shoot me an e-mail.

Thank you for you patience and understanding.

Clark Martin – Chairman
Randolph County Solid Waste Authority
P. O. Box 2147
Elkins, West Virginia 26241